How to Adjust Your Headband

To Make Your Headband Smaller/Child-Sized: Pull the two ends to cross each other. 

To Make Your Headband Bigger: Pull the two ends away from each other. Mold/shape headband as needed. 

Hi! I’m Savannah- the face behind the sewing machine at Love Ya, Mean It! I’m wife to Paul, mama to Fisher, and a teacher to the sweetest group of kindergarteners. I started making my own headbands because I could not bring myself to spend the money on a headband that was just going to give me a headache! I did some research and found the right resources to create the perfect headache-free headband at a reasonable cost. I started out doing this as a fundraiser for St. Jude but had such an overwhelming response to my first drop that I’ve decided to turn this into a small-business venture. Thanks for the visit and for supporting my side-business!